Romania 2016 11 05 02 22 56


Vast spaces

In which the streets of Bucharest expand to display it's monolithic buildings, disrepair and eclectic churches.

Norway 2016 10 16 22 48 59


Peaceful pine trees

In which we venture beyond the bounds of Oslo; a river winds north and we briefly return to nature.

Portugal 2016 09 12 10 22 13


Palace in the sky

In which we visit the town of Sintra, a castle touching the sky, and a Palace that seems to have emerged from another reality.

Greece 2016 04 03 17 10 54


Saved by a Greek fisherman

In which we underestimate the distance of a path and find ourselves stuck on a beach; but we learn that even the most dire situations can work out for the best.

Greece 2016 04 03 16 57 46


Off the beaten track

In which a bus takes us down the Rhodes coast; we spend our first two nights camping on beaches; and the only available meal is Greek Salad.

Ireland 2016 08 30 03 47 34


Island of isolation

In which I learn the history Spike Island; wax prisoners lurk within it's walls; and the surrounding land reclaims the rubble.

Denmark 2016 04 23 01 21 02


A city to wander in

In which places exist in Copenhagen that shouldn't; we visit an imperfect utopia; and getting lost turns out to be the perfect activity.